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What We Do

Just as we are versed in audio production, we have a long history in video and independent/feature film. We've been in front of AND behind the camera. Again, our turnaround is quick, our quality is of the highest caliber and we produce all styles and genres from the spectrums of dramatic tone to comedic chaos to dark and horror-inspired in video form. Our video production skills don't stop there either. We have nearly 22 years of professional editing experience and pride ourselves in innovative ways to create visual elements that are unique and not-your-typical production. You can review several samples of our work across the board below. Just click on a clip to preview.

What We Do It With

Our resume includes video production for Fox, SpikeTV, Paramount Network, and several independent production companies. We've created music videos and video elements for local and national cable companies, local and national musicians and bands, and a long list of elements created specifically for online formats such as YouTube, Vevo and company websites. We have produced several trailer and pitch concepts such as Much Music, BMBTV, and The Chronicles Of Rock for companies such as Viacom, Fox and independently-owned production firms.