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After a long history of magazine publishing, graphic design and over 20+ years in the local and national music scene, Foto Door was born.

Why not capture these timeless events and make them timeless pieces of art? It began with music, then local sports, and then it evolved into models and mayhem. 

Foto Door Photography, since its inception in 2009, has accomplished a lot. From winning the 2012 PFSA Photographer of the Year Award in Fashion to being nominated again in 2013 and that same year for RAW Photographer of the Year to capturing celebrity moments on the set in Hollywood. From Fashion to Pin-Up - from Beauty to Glamour - from Dark Beauty to Horror - from Professional Sports to Extreme Ones - from Cosplay to Super-Sized Events - from Concerts to Professional Record Label photo shoots to the simple things like Graduation and personal event hires, Foto Door really does do it all.

Foto Door Photography has been commissioned for covers and published in over 200+ national magazines and has worked with some very elite models, bands, and celebrities in the industry. The style is unique and the experience with all means of photography, photoshop touch-up and editing, and 4K video is a big reason behind FD's award-winning success.

See the gallery of samples below and book your next shoot with Foto Door. Several packages are available to fit your budget and trust us when we say that your final product will be nothing less than exactly what you come to expect from a professional.