MMM is back 8.10.20

Updated: Jun 16

Mass Media Ink Magazine returns with a new look, a new website...and the same fire as before!

There is a "right time" for everything. The magazine industry going into 2016-2017 was an easy sell, but a tough wave to ride. Though the world may have changed for the worst in 2020...we feel now is the perfect time to return and bring hands back together - bring sexy back so-to-speak.

“The magazine was a huge success worldwide, but we all know that timing is everything. We believe the world didn't need MMM then like it does now. I felt right to return and bring some positive energy to the masses!”

So on August 10, 2020 Mass Media Ink Magazine returns sexier than ever...more positive than ever...and bolder than ever!

What will be NEW in MMM?

We've decided to stream Mass Media Ink and make it for of a Limited Edition or "speakeasy" in a sense. More exclusive, harder to get...more diverse in how we brand the business. Thought we will still distribute in limited quantity via print around the world, we will focus primarily online. This will allow growth, more of an expansion into other countries, and it will allow more issues over a 365 day calendar year. More issues means more sexy!

Stay tuned to our blogs for more info on how Mass Media Ink plan to take over the world and make everything, everyone and everywhere a better place!




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